Playful Oracle Deck: Lion Parrot


Lion: Strength/Courage … Parrot: Vision/Perspective

Combined, you are a force to be reckoned with. But, take your time in hours or even days, to process how this comes together so that you can see the finite and the infinite details and reasons, and consider why you needed this event to present itself. Are you proving to yourself that you can do it and what might it mean to you to realize how prepared and supported you are? Do you need to practice the ability to oversee and observe the issue in order to gain the objectivity necessary to find your center space of truth?


Playful Oracle Deck: Breeze


Although it is quite captivating, remember it is just passing through, just reminding you there are options – and colorful ones at that. A brief retreat from the mundane, but not of any consequence. You continue to have the wheel.

Playful Oracle Deck: No Fooling


Take the moment you need to center yourself and step back, listen, and acknowledge. It’s not your stuff, it’s their stuff; you’re just in the way of the energy.

A New Note:
This original artwork is for sale.
11″x14″ / acrylic on mounted canvas / $50 + shipping / pm for details